All attendees are expected to adhere by the Major League Hacking Code of Conduct.

HackPSU Eligibility Criteria

To participate in HackPSU and be eligible for prizes, projects and all team members must meet our Eligibility criteria.

  • You must be at least 18 years or older or be a student at Pennsylvania State University.  Aditionally, you must be a current or incoming student at a college or university.
  • You must have registered and accepted the MLH Code of Conduct at
  • Teams can consist of up to 5 participants. All projects must be built at HackPSU by registered participants.
  • Projects must also be in compliance with our Cheating Policy, described below. 

HackPSU Cheating Policy

By submitting your project to HackPSU, you affirm:

  • The project was created during HackPSU (between 5pm ET on Friday, March 19, 2021 and 4pm ET on Sunday, March 21, 2021)
    • You are allowed to use a template or set up boilerplate prior to the event. However, the bulk of the work must be done during the event.
  • The project has not been submitted to any other hackathons or competitions.
    • Projects may not be cross-submitted to multiple events throughout the weekend. However, you may submit different projects to other hackathons.
  • Only the people listed in the Devpost submission worked on the project. You may only submit one project and may not be a member of multiple teams.
  • The project is the team's original work
    • You are allowed to use existing open source code (e.g. npm), use resources such as Stack Overflow, and consult with mentors. If you use a template or open source code, please provide the link as a citation.
    • You cannot use an already existing project as your submission. Your project must add significant new functionality.
  • We require a 2 minute video with your submission. In the video, please verbally state "This is our demo video for HackPSU."
  • We also recommend sharing your code repository (GitHub, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.)
  • You may not have people outside of the event vote on your project for any reward or challenge including the “Crowd Favorite” challenge 

We reserve the right to monitor for cheating both manually and using automated technologies. Projects that do not meet these requirements will be excluded from judging and be ineligible for prizes.